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Botox Silver Spring

Baby Botox Cost and Risks

Botox in Silver Spring, Maryland

Are you looking for a way to soften wrinkles and maintain facial mobility? Would you like to prevent expression lines from developing in the first place?

Are you new to Botox and want to test the waters before committing to a standard treatment?

If you answered yes, then Baby Botox could be an excellent anti-aging solution.

Continue reading to learn all about this micro neurotoxin treatment, including Baby Botox cost and risks.

What Is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox is designed to achieve subtle wrinkle relaxation with targeted microinjections of Botox. The treatment involves injecting smaller volumes of Botox to soften lines, rather than completely correct them.

How is Baby Botox Different Than Traditional Botox?

There are two key differences between Baby Botox and traditional Botox, with dosing being the most-obvious. Patients that elect to undergo Baby Botox receive smaller amounts of product and may require touch-ups more frequently.

For example, rather than injecting 25 units in a treatment area, the provider would administer 10 units. The patient would also need to come in for Baby Botox maintenance every one-to-two months versus every three-to-six months.

Additionally, Baby Botox is a more personalized approach and requires an injector, like Dr. Wong, with skill, precision, and extensive experience.

Ensuring proper placement at lower doses, provides natural, yet noticeable, smoothing of facial wrinkles and lines.

How Much Does Baby Botox Cost?

In most cases, Botox cost is calculated per unit. Although Baby Botox requires fewer units than traditional Botox, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will pay less for injections.

Because Baby Botox necessitates considerable skill and advanced techniques, treatment cost may account for injector expertise as well as the amount of product.

Baby Botox Risks

Baby Botox has an excellent safety profile, and it’s an ideal option for patients who want to maximize natural results and minimize side effects.

In fact, patients may elect Baby Botox over traditional Botox to lower the risk of frontalis muscle atrophy. When the frontalis muscle becomes overly weakened, it can allow eyebrows to drop.

Baby Botox also helps avoid overcorrection and limits the chance that your face will appear frozen or artificial. As such, it ensures natural movement and subtle results.

Learn More About Baby Botox

If you are considering Baby Botox, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Wong.

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