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Laser Hair Removal Silver Spring

Unwanted facial and body hair can take a substantial amount of time and energy to keep at bay. Shaving is often a daily necessity, while waxing and plucking can be both time-consuming and uncomfortable. Now professional hair reduction treatments make it easier to say goodbye to hair that keeps you from looking and feeling your best. These procedures target the hair follicle to create complete and sometimes permanent results.

At W Med Spa, Dr. Wong features the innovative elos Plus device by Candela for her hair reduction procedures. This device is the only one on the market today to combine laser and bipolar radiofrequency technology to produce results that are safe, thorough and long-lasting. Through a series of treatments, Dr. Wong can give you smoother, hair-free skin without the need for constant maintenance to keep up your positive results.

What Is Hair Reduction?

Hair reduction is a procedure that uses technology to target the hair follicle for long-lasting hair removal. Elos Plus uses a diode laser to target the follicle, while RF energy creates more efficient heating of the treatment area for enhanced results overall. Because the heat energy causes damage to the follicle, current hair is shed, and future hair is usually unable to grow. That results in a permanent reduction of unwanted hair over time, leaving you free from the constant need to shave, pluck or wax.

The growth cycle for your hair consists of three different stages; anagen (growth), catagen (transition) and telogen (resting) phase. Hair reduction treatments work on hair that is in the growth phase, which does not include all your follicles at one time. The growth cycle is why you will need a series of treatment sessions to achieve your full results. The precise number will depend on how well you respond to the treatments and your hair and skin color. Lighter hair and darker skin tones tend to need more treatment sessions overall.

Where Can It Be Used?

Hair reduction using the elos Plus system can be used for almost any area of the face and body where you have unwanted hair, including:

  • Upper lip and chin
  • Armpits and forearms
  • Back and chest
  • Bikini line and legs

This device works on any skin tone and can be used to remove nearly all colors of hair, including lighter hues. This makes the elos Plus stand out from other devices that promise permanent hair removal but are limited to lighter skin tones and darker hair shades.

Benefits of Hair Reduction

There are numerous advantages to hair reduction using the elos Plus:

  • Addition of RF energy allows more efficient heating for better results
  • Safer than other methods of hair reduction, with fewer side effects
  • Quick treatments do not require any downtime afterward
  • Eliminates the need for regular hair removal once full results are achieved
  • Positive results for any hair and skin color
  • Can be used on any area of the face or body

What Should I Expect from my Treatment?

Dr. Wong will perform your hair reduction treatment in one of her treatment rooms at W Med Spa. Before your procedure, she may apply a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort throughout. A handheld applicator is then run across the treatment area, delivering the RF and laser energy into the hair follicles to produce the hair removal effects. As the technology penetrates the skin, you might feel a slight sensation like a rubber band snapping against the skin. The procedure will take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes in most cases, depending on the size of your treatment area.

What Happens Afterward?

You won’t have to worry about making time for recovery after your hair reduction treatment. While your skin may have some residual redness and feel slightly tender, you should not have any pain or other side effects that would keep you from performing your daily tasks. Dr. Wong will advise you to keep the treated area out of direct sunlight for a week or more since the laser makes the skin more vulnerable to damage. It is also a good idea to avoid exfoliation treatments or harsh ingredients like retinol for a period to prevent unnecessary skin irritation.

Results that Last

You will start to see a noticeable reduction in hair after your first treatment session. However, it will take multiple treatments to achieve your full outcome. The first treatments may be spaced monthly, while subsequent treatments may be scheduled about six weeks apart so we can accurately track the amount of hair reduction after each session. Once you obtain your complete hair reduction, you may still want to schedule the occasional touch-up treatment to maintain your smoother look.

Permanent hair reduction is possible today, thanks to the revolutionary technology of the elos Plus device. To find out if you are a candidate, contact W Med Spa at 301-557-0727.

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