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Can I Drink Wine After My Botox?

Can I Drink Wine After My Botox?

Can I Drink Wine After My Botox, or Do I Need to Wait Awhile?

If you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing evening at home after cosmetic injections, then you’re like wondering, “Can I drink wine after my Botox?”

We’ve got the answer to your most burning question about whether it’s safe to drink after your Botox appointment, or if you should put the wine back in the cellar for a bit.

Here Are Some Reasons You Should Avoid Alcohol After Botox Injections if You Want Sensational Results

Wine, like any other choice beverage that contains alcohol, can cause blood vessels to enlarge and blood to thin, both of which may lead to unpredictable results from Botox injections. Thinner blood can lead to Botox bruising at the injection site.

Alcohol can also cause you to retain more fluid while dehydrating your skin at the same time. So, not only will you appear bloated, but your skin will appear dry too, which can cause you to look older. This is not a great look after Botox, when you’re trying to appear more youthful.

But on the Other Hand, the Answer to, “Can I Drink Wine After My Botox,” Is That You Can Probably Safely Partake in a Glass or Two Without Ruining Your Results

If you’re careful about your alcohol consumption and only enjoy a glass or two, it’s probably okay to drink wine after Botox. If you’re getting Botox for an upcoming event where you plan to celebrate, try to schedule it at least a couple of days in advance, so you can enjoy your wine without risking your Botox results.

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