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Frown Line Treatment In Silver Spring, Maryland

You’ve probably heard of Botox, but have you heard of Dysport in Silver Spring, Maryland?  

Both are injectables aimed at reducing the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles.  Both procedures are quick and relatively painless, but they have a few key differences.

Is Dysport Right For Me?

The biggest difference between Botox and Dysport is the areas that they are designed to treat.  Dysport is intended to reduce the appearance of the lines that affect the glabella which is the area between your eyebrows.  You may refer to this area as your frown lines or 11s.  

Glabella or frown lines are most noticeable when you frown or squint, but over time they can become prominent even when you’re relaxed.  If anyone has ever asked you what you’re mad about when you’re not mad at all, it may be time to consider a cosmetic treatment for your frown lines.  

How Does Dysport Work?

Dysport treats moderate to severe frown lines with one injection into each of the five points above the eyebrows.  This will prevent the muscle contraction that causes frown lines for up to 5 months!  Because it diffuses differently than Botox, Dysport creates a soft, natural look.

Over half of all patients start seeing results in just 2-3 days following their treatment and will see full results in about 2 weeks.

Who Should I Call For Dysport In Silver Spring, Maryland?

If your main concern is treating those pesky lines that can make you look angry or frustrated even when you’re not, Dysport in Silver Spring, Maryland may be the right option for you.  The treatment is quick with minimal pain and you’ll see results fast.

Dr. Wong at W Med Spa is a board-certified injector who can advise you on the best cosmetic treatment to help you reach your desired results!   Schedule your consultation today!

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