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How Long Does Baby Botox Last in Silver Spring?

Botox can be a life-changing discovery for many people. But sometimes, it can yield more of a change than some people want. If traditional Botox is more dramatic than you desire, baby Botox is a great option to achieve a fresh but subtle improvement to your appearance.

But First, What Is It?

Baby Botox has exactly the same ingredients as traditional Botox. The only difference is the amount used. Fewer units are injected in this treatment to strategically create a more natural look. The Botox is not injected as deeply and therefore the muscle is not as relaxed. This means that the muscles can’t move as intensely. It is great for those who are new to Botox or who want a more natural look.

Okay, So Exactly How Long Does It Last?

Since less of the injectable is used, this method of Botox injections does last a bit less time than its traditional counterpart. The traditional version lasts from three to four months, while the baby version may wear off faster. 

The effectiveness can vary from person to person depending on variables like metabolism, exercise level, and the size of the fine lines and wrinkles. A way that baby Botox is similar to traditional Botox is that with repeated use, your muscles can become trained to move less and thus create fewer wrinkles.

Where Can I Find Great Baby Botox in Silver Spring to Help Rejuvenate My Aging Look?

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