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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need To Know

Laser hair removal has become one of the most commonly requested beauty treatments across the country.

In Silver Spring, Maryland, Laser Hair Removal is a good solution for women and men who want to ditch the razor.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

When you receive laser hair removal your doctor will use laser technology to remove all of the hair from your selected body areas.

The laser light is absorbed by your hair follicle in order to kill the hair and prevent regrowth.

Popular areas for laser hair removal include the back, legs, neck, face, bikini line and underarms.

Can I Receive LHR?

Laser hair removal is ideal for for men and women alike.

Similarly, any hair type, skin color or hair color is able to receive the benefits of laser hair removal.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

-Elimination of the irritation that often comes with waxing and shaving.

-Silky, smooth look and feel.

-Eliminates red bumps.

-Eliminates ingrown hairs.

-Works on any skin tone.

-You don’t have to shave or trim hair before treatment.

-You don’t have to grow hair to a certain length before treatment.

-You save time in your schedule when you would otherwise be waxing or shaving.

-You save the money you would have spent on wax, bleach, razors etc.

Side Effects

Laser hair removal has very few common side effects.

While some patients experience redness after the initial treatment it usually goes away within a few hours.

Tips to Max Your LHR Experience

-Avoid the sun

-Avoid harsh scrubs two days before and after treatment.

-Avoid products containing retinol two days before and after treatment.

-Avoid products containing glycolic acid two days before and after treatment.

-Avoid chemical peels for two weeks before and after treatment.

-Avoid self-tanner one to two weeks post treatment.

-Avoid hot showers, saunas and the gym for 24 hours post treatment.

-Do not wax, shave or bleach your hair in between treatments.

-Be consistent in scheduling your appointments.


The typical patient will see results two to three weeks after the first treatment.

Most patients see the full treatment results after eight to 12 treatments.

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