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Under eye filler Specialist in Rockville

As Sagging skin? Dark circles? Unflattering lines and wrinkles? If these sound familiar to you, then consider under-eye filler, also known as tear trough filler, to eliminate your aging woes. Here’s what the top under-eye filler specialist in Rockville wants you to know first.

What Is Under-Eye Filler, and What Can It Treat?

Under-eye filler is a minimally invasive injectable designed to treat dark circles, volume loss, and fine lines with the use of hyaluronic acid. This gel-like substance provides volume in order to smooth out the skin and minimize dark shadows.

Does Tear Trough Filler Hurt?

Most fillers for the under-eye area contain a numbing agent for your comfort as your injector works. Also, a topical anesthetic is available in order to make this a comfortable, pain-free treatment. If you feel anything, it will just be a pinch from the needle.

Is Under-Eye Filler Suitable for Me?

Your under-eye area is very delicate. Tear trough filler is recommended for generally healthy patients with thick, healthy skin looking to minimize the appearance of mild to moderate sagging or dark circles caused by volume loss. A consultation with your provider is the best way to determine whether an under-eye filler is for you.

What Are Some Dos and Don’ts of Filler for Tear Troughs?

There are some factors that can make or break your eye filler results. Firstly, it’s advisable to avoid alcohol before and after your appointment. Additionally, it is ideal to avoid intense exercise and extensive sun exposure for at least 48 hours as the product settles. Follow all filler aftercare instructions closely for safe, successful results, and always choose a board-certified injector.

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