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What Is Daxxify, the Longer Lasting Botox in Silver Spring?

What Is Daxxify, the Longer Lasting Botox in Silver Spring?

Are the promises of a Botox alternative with longer staying power really true? Yes, they are!

Daxxify, also called Daxi, is a longer lasting Botox in Silver Spring that provides the same great benefits. We think you should give it a try, and here’s why!

Here Are the Top Reasons to Try Daxxify, the Longer Lasting Botox in Silver Spring

Daxxify is quickly gaining popularity because it lasts up to twice as long as its main competitor.

While the effects of Botox for dynamic wrinkles typically last for three to four months on average and up to six months, Daxxify lasts for an average of six months and up to nine for some.

This means that you can enjoy a wrinkle-free appearance for longer without the need for as many touch ups.

Here are three more reasons to give it a try:

  1. Daxxify provides natural looking results. Unlike Botox, which can sometimes lead to a frozen or unnatural appearance, Daxxify works with your natural facial expressions to provide a more subtle and natural result.
  2. It is a quick and easy treatment that’s performed in as little as 30 minutes. Plus, there’s no downtime required, which means that you can resume your normal activities immediately after your visit.
  3. The longer lasting Botox in Silver Spring, Daxxify, is a safe option for those who are looking for a Botox alternative. The treatment is FDA approved for moderate to severe frown lines (those vertical lines between the brows) and has been shown to be effective in clinical trials.

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